Updated: Sep 20

My life is one big lie.

Im not a girl and everyone has to pretend with me

I try to get girls who lie about not being girls, and boys who lie about not being boys, to lie with me

That's ultimately what im attracted to - liars. The more committed the better

I am a holder of light

Ancient truth

From back when magic was veined as clear as precious ore through everything

When body was magic, when soul was magic

And truth wasn't a weapon wielded

But an emergence ceaselessly uncovered

Unchanging, ever-new, like a rapid in a river’s flow

I get off on deception

My power manifests

In how far i can push the world to contort to my fantasies and whims

A person can swing between Two Eternal Poles


A man can identify himself into womanhood


Can grow his chest can pitch his voice can fuck this way can move that way

Ok ok ok ok ok

I am not okay


I am brilliant

Like the earliest fingers of sunrise as they grip the horizon and vault Light over Mountaintop to make Day

I am confluence

Like brackish water

Connective sinew like migratory birds

Like subterranean mushroom webs weaving woodland phone lines through roots as deep as the sky is high

I was once one thing

And am now another

And, since the beginning, I’ve been Change

And since the beginning, She’s been change

And always, I am Her

I am degeneracy

I am a dream realized

I am a lie too big to release

I am the roiling urge of this universe to grow

I am pain, and sickness

I am healing, and return

I am everything you see

I am everything you cant


I am whispers of a forgotten thing

molded into life so achingly alive...

I am all of that promise

I am all of that pain

I am the floodplain where they crash and stitch

to course out into the ocean

as one

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