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Approaching the body through metaphor

every trans person is a poet

I lick that forest between your thighs

hold that hungry, compact cock of yours between the edges of my teeth


I only fuck people who need turns of phrase to

guide me across their skin

a big clit

a pussy, just, not there, a lil' ways back...

Why would i not crack myself open before someone whose tangible essence unfolds in mystical expanse

yes, you need me to glide my hand across a smooth chest yes

yes understand mountains as flatlands meaning yes bring

the heavens down to earth meaning oh god you need me

to receive revelation yes yes

I don't fuck anything without a 4th dimension now

I don't hold nipples that don't hold a sous entendu

I don't tongue a body without a scar

I don't lick a pussy

that doesn't both

stretch as high as the cat tails of the south

and nestle deeply between the hills of the promised land like the Valley of Tears

I don't fuck a body

that doesn't know itself

as a metaphor

Once I got to taste

fucking a poem

I mean


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