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a heart in the two-step tide

you move into love you move out of love how could you not?, you're an ocean a choreographed dance of the moon swimming in me isn't a promise, a destination, it's not a guarantee it's the voyage, gorgeous it's letting the salt water lift your back, the sun bake your belly, it's ending up somewhere far-off course watching your star-chart drift off in the tide we know the clichés: not fast, but far not means-to-end but you don't have to think of it or even name it or box it you just have to feel it rock with me like a ship-side two-stepping the atlantic current drift to sleep as the cormorants circle like a mobile in a crib let's lap a shore let's spend lazy years on our backs lacing ourselves around this planet of ours surrendering to the pull the inconceivable expanse of it all

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beach ball drowned

jealousy is a beach ball drowned by sunscreened arms in a concrete pool it shoots out of the water of your belly with thunderous propulsion the burn of lightning struck charring insides cold as frostb


you don't realize your breathing's been strained until it is clear again how not in love you really were until you're really in love good god love is a heart beating through clear valves for the first


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