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A week and a lifetime

A week and a lifetime

Are indistinguishable in the eyes of the universe

A wall and rubble of stone

Flit back and forth across history with the speed of hummingbird wings

A process of construction and decomposition

Raising and razing


Monuments of marble are little more than leaves of grass, if you give them enough time to fall

If a wall and its rubble

a monument and a morning glory bloom

a week and a lifetime

are indistinguishable in the eyes of the universe

Then decorating a life is a lot like decorating a sukkah

Because why would you

Spend your precious sweat and your precious seconds

Twisting twine

Or draping cloth

Or picking lavender stems for a bundle to hang from bamboo spine if

A week will pass

And it’ll all return to dust

Or even less than that

A memory

Because why would you

Spend your precious sweat and your precious seconds

Finding love

Or building a home

Or fighting for your community and your people

Or penning a psalm

Or engraining a verse into memory

Or shaking your hips ancient music made new

Or getting out of your bed

And living a life at all

If in a hundred and twenty years, may we be so blessed,

It will all be a mote-sized pockmark left on an infinite expanse

An empty circle holding a where-it-was

A breath returned to the un-demarcated volume of the mass of the wind

Why would you beautify something so fleeting as a human life

why would you beautify what will eventually disappear

But the question really is

Why would you mimic the world from which you were created

The world that paints the sky like a renaissance master class for mere moments at the tail ends of a day just to have its magnum opus silently bleed into blue, or gray, or black without a trace

That sprouts an incomprehensible array of life from lifeless dirt just to have it consumed and disintegrated by incomprehensible array of life

that themselves will return so soon to the same lifeless dirt

Why would you enter the eternal dance whose rhythm goes:

something-doesn’t have-to-last forever to-be-worthy of making it-beautiful

Why would you open yourself to loving something that will one day leave you, or you will leave it

Why would you crack yourself open to this constant tsunami stomach turning seesaw ride just to have it all end almost sooner than it began

If a week and a lifetime

Are indistinguishable in the eyes of a universe

What can we learn by building something so beautiful

Where the mitzvah of it is

That it will last no longer than



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