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algae-bloom insides

inside im all this kaleidoscope of colors

inside theres an algae-bloom ocean, rolling every few seconds, red and green waves, against my gut

inside there’s all these many-toned chords, all these different key signatures,

multiple conductors, different times, conflicting meter and rhyme

but outside,

the sky is gray

just cloud after cloud after cloud

theres a calming chill

and then theres the breeze dancing with the leaves

and then theres my feet on the ground

and i can feel the wood press back up as sure as i press down

and i take a deep breath

mix a lil gray, a lil leaf, a lil wood in with the waves

and, after a minute,

the conductors lower their batons

the algae returns to its rest

and my ocean lies calm as the caribbean shore

and, after a minute,

my soft, clenched heart,

it's all ok

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Larry Hanover
May 20, 2020

Thank you Binya. You are a never ending delight for me. Your writing is wonderful.☮️💜✡️

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