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as a rule

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

the sweetest flesh is behind the bruise

the sweetest flesh is behind the bruise

we know from the earth, and the fruits of her womb

the sweetest flesh, is behind the bruise

if I were all-hard, I wouldn't need scars

but I'm soft, I am soft as a rule

and just like bread isn't chained to its crust

I am soft, I am soft as a rule

my palms are like angels

my knuckles are not


my teeth only interrupt:

my giving lips,

my patient tongue

I am soft, under bruises

under scars, I am sweet

because I am soft,

and I'm sweet as a rule

and if you come, kiss, my defenses

I promise

they will melt and give in.

if you remind me,

with patience, (with tongue,)

that they are not all that I am

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