Havdallah at Jolene's

Sitting outside a gay club

Tights covering my thighs, cold on the concrete

The bouncer gives me a lighter cuz the matches got wet

as I biked here in the rain

re-applied glitter in the rain

i'm glistening, from heaven to cheekbone to fingterip

I light one wick, two wicks, and each wick lights two more and suddenly

there's a palm-of-hand-sized star on 16th and Harrison

and the pavement is dancing with firelight on the gravel

like the sidewalk just reapplied glitter in the rain

white wine in tiny tupperware

lavender petals in a pocket pouch

breathe, besamim, breathe

sitting in the alleyway by the doorway outside of a gay club

and my glitter matches the candlelight

as the bouncer's lighter lights the wicks cuz the matches were wet

dripping wax on my leggings

burns through to my skin

bite my lip

feel alive

hamavdil bein kodesh

syncopates with the queer chitchat

dance floor laughter overlayed like amens

go inside

and my smile cannot hide

what a better way to bid your second soul adieu

than in the alleyway, outside a club, that's as gay as you

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