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look at me

Updated: May 18, 2020

look at me not at my image not at my pixels not at the screen but at me pay attention not to the rectangle sliding in from the top right or to the colorful, flittering dances, each boxed in lil' universe at the top, they're all so beautiful but look at me hold my gaze like you would once hold your mother's hand just look at me because each one of my eyelashes is a miracle. did you know that? my skin has a landscape to it. valleys and pores. hills and cheekbones. my voice is an echo of my soul. and the world you see behind me? the greens, the hues, the invisible wind? it's a peek up the skirt of an infinite expanse so look at me not for my sake but for yours this is a wilderness we're in. an electronic outback. the world wild web. and every blessing of every wilderness is matched with a curse you can hear me but you can't touch me you can see but can't savor you can behold but not be held me and you, in another time, would've been cut off in our lockbox homes now we can see each other any time. but the curse is that we can also see everything else all the time too ~ and we're put on this earth to listen. to breathe. and to bless. but you can't really bless everything at once. you can't listen to every sound, and really hear it you can't set aside the whole world from itself, with everything in it this box, this metal and wire, is a blessing and a curse, like every wilderness it can give you everything,

a little taste of everything but if you try and take all that everything all at once i promise you, you will end up with more nothing than you could ever imagine so look at me and everytime you look at someone else look at them too count their eyelashes like miracles listen to their אחד-ness like you were just commanded with the first שמע, slung down from the mountaintop use this gift, as a gift, and you will be gifted we can build a tabernacle in this desert, I know but only if you look at me hold my gaze like you would once hold your mother's hand and i'll hold yours back

and we'll carry this all the way through with us, to the promised beyond

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