until there isn't

Updated: May 12, 2020

guard each moment like a jealous secret every afternoon breeze every golden ray of sun heap it up like a dragon's lair and plop yourself down on top swim through it like Scrooge McDuck this is the wealth weve been promised the pop-pop-pop of laughter excavated out from your lover's belly the refracted lightshow of candle flame off fingernail this is our inheritance our abundance, our excess and there will always be one more until the day that there isn't so guard this moment like a jealous secret squeeze it mama-bear tight squeeze it pulpy homemade orangejuice tight and drink deep and slow before it slips away

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written for chochmat halev, berkeley, shabbes, tammuz/july 5782 Praise God When there is nothing left to do, praise god Praise God for delight Praise God for despair Praise God lest we forget it for t

i can't draw - one of those unceasing shames to someone with vision - impotent fingertips unhinged from frayed string hanging off my spine unable to translate the revelations in my mind into images on