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there is no poetry in heaven

poetry is time wrung through presence

which means there is no poetry in heaven

because there is no time in heaven

and poetry is what time turns into when you actually immerse yourself in it

when you actually live it

when you let seconds slide down your cheeks like rain

let your eyes rest on a detail like a back on a bed of grass

- for more than just a moment

poetry is what happens when the world seeps

into your pores so deeply

that it changes your body chemistry

adds iron to the blood

that drips off your tongue

it’s when you chew the world like cud til your molars give out

and spit it back out transformed

a diamond faceted in verse

from the pressure of your persistence

poetry is a blacksmith’s work

it’s an artisan’s craft

and just like any trade of its kind

the best ones’ work, simply reveals

what has always been there

all along

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