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this is a true story

i was sitting at my window, working on some talmud, when a barefooted blue-haired butch walked onto the street in front of our house, saw that the back of my roommate's car had "Gay Pride!" written in the window-dust, and added a heart to it

i saw this butch take their gay finger and draw a HEART in my ROOMMATE'S gay CAR and then walk away

i felt as if i were in a dream

but it got even more dreamy. because the next day, I looked to my right during shacharis morning prayers, and saw the SAME BLUE HAIRED BUTCH on my neighbor's balcony by my side

after I finished praying, I walked over to my end of the balcony to say hello, and they responded 'boker tov' (!!!)

turns out they're a queer JEW, who "is half-way between he and she, but i still use she"

we talked twice that day, and I learned that they are friends with my talmud teacher and my talmud hevruta, have gone to Svara Queer Talmud Camp, lived in the UWS for 20 years, are looking to get deeper into their jewish practice/have a bat mitzvah, and want TO PRAY WITH ME across the two balconies, cuz (obvs) we both use the same *siddur*, sim shalom

they realized part way through our first convo that they recognized me from the one time they visited chochmat, as they were new to the area and shul shopping before covid dropped. "You're the one who dances a lot and knows all her prayers by heart, right?"

...yes, that's me....

yesterday, they started playing ukele as a I davenned, and then complimented my tallis

they said "this is like the gay version of Shtisel!"

and i melted, and couldn't agree more

what a blessing from heaven's angels that this jewy butch started to date my gay neighbor (gaybor)

god really smiles on me in 100000 ways

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