waste not

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

we can't save every breath from being wasted

can't save every heartbeat from heartbreak

can't save every vertebrae from cracking

can't save a life

can't keep your body from aging

can't keep your mind from being mean

can't keep your hair from falling out

can't keep the freckles off your skin in the sun

can't keep my mind off you

i mean it,

i can't keep my mind off you

i mean it, you are gorgeous

and i mean it

lace your fingers right here in mine

cuz i don't wanna waste another breath

on "I should've" or "I meant to" or "I've gotta"

I don't wanna waste another heartbeat

on look-at-this or look-at-that

I want my vertebrae bent with the weight of you

i want em cracked carrying this sandbag of a heart you keep

stuffing past its breaking point

I want breaths that inhale with sweat and thigh

and exhale with "that's it"

I wanna inhale an afternoon and exhale the summer long

i wanna inhale your "I"

and exhale our "love"

and then I want my heartbeats tapping


til they're e x h a u s t e d




and then maybe, hopefully, at some point we'll have spent it all

maybe we'll have sucked each jealous drop of silan this sweet life could've ever let loose on our tongues

and maybe we'll let our last breaths make harmony in time with our cymbal-tap chests

lay our tired spines down and keep our fingers laced soft

nuzzle my head between your collar bone and chin

and in lavish abandon

after saving them for a lifetime

waste my last moments nestled in you

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