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a nightime, a lifetime

a life is like starshine

a life is like the light from a star for a single night.

In the blue expanse before we're born, our souls are present but yet unrevealed

we begin undiferentiated in a sea of light so vast it's beyond comprehension, a sea of souls, the glue, the essence of the universe itself

and as blue shades indigo, and indigo blushes maroon, and soon the night conquers the heavens

our light, our souls, start to poke through the rapidly darkening canvas above

our soul, along with all other souls, begins to take singular form + specific shape

in a belly, it takes nine months

in an evening, it's a matter of minutes

and because of a sea of blessing so vast it's beyond comprehension, we, and our souls, get to experience being seen in their own shine for a night, an entire night long

our light, from a source of two atoms meeting, whether in a womb or a wormhole, in a dance as explosive as creation -

our light starts soft in the eyes of the earth. hard to name, hard to claim, hard to revel in.

but as the night-length of our lifetime grows on

as the sun cedes its claim so that we can take the stage

we begin to become our own source of illumination, of hope, of decoration on the divine face

we inspire dances and make movement and serve as our own canvas for others' imaginations

I become a dancer

and you become an architect

and our community beams a constellation

and our generation glows a galaxy

and what was once infinite and undifferentiated light from the Source, remains light from the Source but becomes particular, distinguishable, nameable, loveable, breakable, still infinite but now countably so

and for the lenght of a lifetime, a nighttime, we dance, and get to choose how we cast our own snowflake sparkle from the universal shine


as impossibly beautiful as it is,

soon, black tinges violet

and we watch violet blush blue

and we can feel ourselves slipping away once again

and we can mourn that our dance won't be marvelled at or seen

that our shine will get lost in the gleam

but as promised, post-flood, day and night will not cease

so while our part will be played, and our shine will get lost in the gleam

the world needs just wait til one sunset, one day

and our children - their stars - will be setting the scene

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