Beautiful II

I look best in the dim light

Face angles softened in waning contrast

Hair only seen where it should be

My body's silhouette, believable

corseted by the blur

I look best in the darkness,


When it's easiest to use me as a repository for twisted fantasy

The darkness,

where the infinite is unfolded

and everything is possible

even my beauty

as long as you crave it

I look best in the dim light,

I know

I look best in the darkness,

I know

But truly, I look best

in the flickering blue belly

of a flame

Because darkness can shade you from everyone

But the fire of good love,

can shade you from everyone else

And though it feels like fire

your gaze is more of a chisel

like water to stone

running across the cliffside of my frame

carving a woman out of all this

And over time, I let myself believe

that I am what you see

I feel the flower patches you planted on my waistline start to root into my hip bone

My skin gooses from the rush of the river you traced up from my knees to my chest

I'm left breathless by the ribbon you weave between the cats-cradle of my rib cage

You teach me what it is to be beautiful,

by knowing that I'm already beautiful

And there's nothing else

There's no light, there's no dark

There's just flame

And the way it clears the dim ache of the abyss that surrounded me before you looked my way

The truth is

there's nothing I can do

to ever earn the way

that the tide of your searching gaze

laps at the shore of my languid body

The truth is I'm in the center of a spotlit stage

when I stand in your line-of-sight

The truth is

I look best

in the blue-bellied fire of your love

or, even more simply

I look best

when you're looking

at me

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