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every wisp

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

just. remember.

there is only one air.

no here, nor there

when it comes to our breath

in december it catches our chest

in may, it might pass without notice

the first, and the last

the sick heave it fast

the grass breathes incredibly slow

just so

7 seas, 7 lands

we know, but our hands

couldn't carve up the skies

or the wind that's inside

it's all the same breath

cuz there's only one air

neither here, nor there

since hashem swept the face

of the waters with spirit

on the darkness and cleared it

y'hi or, va'yi'hi

sit and breath

fly or scream

in your lungs it's the same

so much so, to keep separate

we must cover our face

there's so much me inside you

that pandemics have spread

hopped seas like they're nothing

over land, as in dreams, late in bed

like sheep jumping

how connected could we be

through the air that we breath

a whole world's gotten sick

the fastest movers slowed their pace

mighty empires in their tracks

like frozen dragonflies in sap

we rend our clothing and remember

weep and wail at the truth

that every wisp of air inside of me will one day be in you

but, too,

that means

that every wisp of air inside of me will one day be in you

the same that god commanded water with to split its blue in two

and 'cross that sky and 'cross that ocean

there's a mama peek-a-boo

there's a lover making swoon

there's a breath across the soup inside a spoon to leave it cool

there's a dove-bird-momma cooing as her first one finds its swoosh in its maiden past the coop

and the wind under her wings is the same inside of you

and the words hop off my tongue on the same inside of me

and every single human being needs to open every second

to keep walking on this planet, that's a hell of a connection

we're not reliant on the wireless, don't believe it's just a screen

that on this shabbes eve draws chords between the soul inside of me

and the one inside of you

the truth's 'kadosh, kadosh, kadosh'

will match to each one of our pulse

and the lungs that stretch and hold

all the clear and tasteless ocean

that we cannot live without

have the same breath,

in and out,

since the first one,

until now

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