Lori Kaye, zt"l

Lori Kaye jumped in front of her Rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, to take a bullet to save his life

The paramedics came, and Lori Kaye died. And when they tried to take Rabbi Goldstein to the hospital, he refused to go until he finished his sermon

He'd just lost a finger to a white nationalist's bullet. He wrapped his tallit around his hand to staunch the bleeding, and stood in front of the shul on Shabbes Pesach, the season of our liberation, and said:

We are strong.

We are united.

They cannot break us.


Zichronah L'vracha

Hashem Yikkom Dama

to our siblings in faith and the targets of hatred everywhere

we will outlive them

#PowaySynagogueShooting #WeWillOutliveThem #LoriKaye #YisroelGoldstein #ZichronaLvracha

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