ode to your soft fuzz

those back undercuts

with a lil transboi bun perched on top like a sundae-cherry

good god damn

makes me want to pin you down

have you pin me down

run my nails through the fuzz decorating your scalp til I reach enough hair to lose my fingers in

to pull, til we lose each other in

your arms laced the way open to that south-spanish queer club a half-block from my hotel

and then those hands met mine across a gintonic

and you giggle my name and I tongued yours across my teeth

and you handrolled a cigarette and you asked who I liked

and whether I was seeing someone

and if there were people setting my heart on fire

and if I wanted a kiss

and as you pulled your lips off mine

I ran my hands across your cheek said "in Europe don't you do it twice"

and after we'd danced our tongues across each others' teeth you said


i think it's three times

and with my hand behind your neck

you showed me what the custom was

for pretty girls outside queer clubs under moonlight

your soft fuzz tickling my palm beneath the andalucian summer stars

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