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rind and body

i eat an orange

toss a rind

the worms delight

and then they dine

juice slips down

my chin and face

the skin sinks in

the earth at pace

becoming bed

from which a tree

will spring, who then

more fruit bring

abundant earth!

made an orange

and it was beautiful

and ripe and whole

and it fed me

who fed the worm

who fed the earth

to make a tree...

who sprung a fruit...

who fed a fruit...

who fed a worm...

and so it goes...

i'm a fruit

i've got sweet

i've got flesh

and i've got rind

i am beautiful

and i feed

and i know

that in my time

my soul will rise

She will return

and then my rind

will feed the worm

will till the earth

will grow the tree

will feed its fruit

and so you see...

that while I cling

to juicy drip

of life while She

maintains Her grip

i trust what bitter

might taste the end

will sweet the cycle

once again

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