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to shabbes, and my love

like a perfect pearl in the smallest jewelry box

you hold me so close i barely know i'm being held

i rock side to side in your endless ocean, swaying so slow i barely know i'm moving at all

as angels flutter down to wash my body in sunscreen every 30 minutes

my skin keeping soft in the salt scrub, long-stretch


like a good love,

can wrap you up, become your everything

like a heavy neck-snuggled blanket on a cold night

like digging your toes into warm sand

- the strength, of the foundation, of earth

yet fluid, with give, let you in

like mulch on the forest floor,

like moss bed

like skin

like the cover clouds a plane gets lost within

shabbes is like a good love because it starts with a flicker of flame

cuz its got curves, of challah dough

because it has you repeating the holy name

because it asks you to jump in, geronimo

sets your soul wild, untamed

sets you free

shabbes is good love cuz its free

cuz as you sow, you will reap

because you put in before you take

because as it satisfies, it leaves an ache

because you wrestle in it for heaven's sake

because letting in makes body shake

because all its contradictions are blessed

all the time in the world, time-less

all the preparations, and then rest

two pairs of lungs, yet one breath

the oneness

feel everything, awash in numbness


is good love

because it leaves you breathless

because feed mouth, hands wet

because it shines in the sunset

because it dances in the moonrise

because it's always just in time

because you know it, when time has stopped

when the voice cries out from the mountaintop

when the rest of the world gets quiet

and all you can hear is

that sweet song

rolling down like

flower blossom avalanche

from the mountaintop

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